Sebastian Hermelin

Sebastian Hermelin is the co-founder (with Fabian Bolin) of, the first global storytelling platform for anyone who is currently fighting cancer or has fought it in the past, and for their loved ones. 

Since graduating from The Royal Institute of Technology in London, Sebastian has worked in both the media and fin-tech industries, before co-founding with best friend Fabian, who was diagnosed with leukaemia in early July 2015. 

Sebastian oversees strategic partnerships and the development of the #WarOnCancer storytelling platform, which has 115* storytellers from 15 countries covering 36 different forms of cancer.  

We built the War on Cancer website to give patients and their families a storytelling platform. Now it’s time to add new features and bring the medtech industry and healthcare sector into the community In January 2015, I was living in London with my best friend Fabian Bolin . Fabian was preparing to move to LA to pursue his acting career when he began to feel ill. His leukaemia diagnosis came as a total shock and changed our lives forever. Fabian started blogging about his experience as a cancer patient and gained quite a following. I was helping with some of the administrative and practical issues he faced, and supporting him along his journey. One day, when his story began to make headlines and his inbox was full of encouraging messages of support from total strangers, we started to talk about how this could become something even bigger. That’s when we started War on Cancer . At first, we had a simple idea: we wanted to enable people to share their stories and to experience the love that had helped Fabian during a difficult time. But as the project evolved, we saw an opportunity to do more. The storytelling platform is the cornerstone of the community – it helps people through their recovery process and provides others with insights into the reality of undergoing cancer treatment. Our vision is for a more inclusive community where we invite patients and their loved ones, but also medtech companies and the healthcare industry – everyone who has a part to play in eradicating cancer. The potential is considerable. Not only do we want patients to interact with one another, we envision a community where companies, health professionals and others can also create a profile and engage. Through these channels, companies could create seminars,...