Peter Ellingworth

Peter hosts the industry Secretariat for the formal UK government engagement mechanism, the Ministerial Medical Technology Strategy Group (MMTSG), jointly chairs NHS England’s MedTech and Diagnostics Board and is a member of the Board of the Government’s HealthTech and Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network. He has also been involved in numerous roles to establish and lead England’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks which were formed in 2013, and in 2014 chaired the health economy workstream of the London Health Commission, set up by the city’s Mayor and Professor The Lord Darzi from Imperial College.

In 2013/14, he was the Chair of the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), connecting public sector challenges with solutions from industry, and thereby demonstrating the value of investing money from the NHS to support innovation by the MedTech sector. 

Peter has been elected as a Vice Chair of Eucomed, Board Member of MedTech Europe and leads MedTech Europe’s National Association Network.

Internationally, Peter is engaged with government on many levels to promote UK plc and assist companies to export. He is currently working on initiatives in this regard with the US State of Texas.

Peter has 35 years experience in sales, marketing and general management in the UK and across Europe and as a non-executive director of early stage companies.

The medical technology industry creates over half a million different products, from pacemakers and artificial hips to condoms and pregnancy tests. Despite the impact these products have on millions of people of all ages every day, medtech is still a little known and often misunderstood sector. With European MedTech Week now in its second year, we want to change this. From 13-17 June, the MedTech sector is hosting activities across the continent to raise awareness of the industry and the life-changing innovation we invest in and provide. MedTech Week is a chance for the entire healthcare community to discuss the future of Europe’s health and how medical technology can address current challenges and ensure more sustainable pathways of care. There is a lot that we can do. The medtech sector is at the cutting edge of research and development. It employs some of the world’s most skilled doctors, engineers, and scientists. From prevention to diagnosis, treatment and cure medtech innovations are absolutely crucial to public health and patient wellbeing. For my part, I also see MedTech Week as an opportunity to reinforce our industry’s commitment to high ethical standards. Our sector works closely with healthcare professionals to develop new and innovative technologies that drive improvements in patient care. Commitment to a robust Code of Ethical Business Practice safeguards these important relationships. This is why MedTech Europe recently endorsed an updated ‘Code’ which applies both to device and diagnostic companies. The Code provides a clear framework for open and transparent interactions between industry and healthcare professionals, ensuring that patients can continue to benefit from these collaborations. The medtech industry partners with all types of professionals on a daily basis so I am delighted that this year, the dedicated website for European MedTech Week will feature their perspectives, along with those...