Linda Sneddon

Linda Sneddon joined W.L. Gore & Associates May 2007 as legal counsel covering for their Medical Products Division (MPD) in the EMEA Region.  In October 2013 she was appointed as Compliance Officer for MPD EMEA.  Linda is responsible for WL Gore Medical Products Division strategic policies for EMEA region, as well as system improvements, training and implementation of new processes. Recently she oversaw the move from direct sponsorship to the implementation of a grant system.

Prior to this Linda worked with the civil service, focusing on procurement advice and implementation of legislation. She worked in private practice for a few years before making a move to an in-house role. 

At W.L. Gore we took the decision to review our educational strategy well before the recommendation of the EDMA and Eucomed Boards to phase-out direct sponsorship of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to third party organised educational events was announced. We did this as our business leaders were getting increasingly concerned about the complexities of doing business across regions worldwide and being aware of all the issues that could arise. In our company, fairness is one of the core values, and we consider fairness to our customers as part of our ethos. Discussions around medical education were originally business led, with representatives from all parts of the business of our company contributing. Then compliance and legal professionals joined the conversation. As we talked and talked, we realised we had to answer the question - why do we support the medical education of Healthcare Professionals and for what reason? This helped us come up with a new, refocused educational strategy that took into account the changing environment and the modern world in which we operate. As a result we did reconfirm our intention to provide education, but we reviewed the best and most efficient way in which this could be done. The debate led us to introduce a shift from direct sponsoring of HCPs to third party organised educational events to grants. Was this tough? Yes, particularly as in some areas W.L. Gore was the first to introduce this concept. Both internally and externally some struggled with the concept. However with clear explanation and our conviction that this was the right way forward we started to see a change in attitude. We now find a system based on grants allows more forward planning, as we provide grants for a period of up to a year. Generally a broader group within the chosen institution...