The consumerisation of care: Can medtech compete?

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18 Sep '14

Editors’ Note: This post is part of a series on Consumerisation of Care. Follow the conversation and learn from industry experts using the Twitter hashtag #mtf2014. Digital technologies are changing how companies innovate, interact and do business. Consumer industries such as retail, electronics, and telecommunications already use digital technologies to more closely connect to customers, better understand their needs, and be more responsive. As patients transition from passive care recipients...

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Saving Lives at Birth

Value, Global

22 Oct ‘14

Patricia Hibberd from Massachusetts General Hospital picks up a heat sensor device she bought from a local hardware store. Instead of pointing it at a building to identify...

Layla McCay Georgetown University

Orange Healthcare’s take on how the consumerisation of care...


17 Oct ‘14

Mobile health solutions for collecting patient data via communicating medical devices are opening new possibilities for remote monitoring and management of individuals suffering from chronic illnesses. At the...

Benjamin Sarda Orange Healthcare

The Future of Continuing Medical Education


16 Oct ‘14

Yesterday, EDMA and Eucomed announced recommendations to respective members on how to improve their Codes of Ethical Business Practice. Chief among their recommendations are a phase out of...

Thierry Herbreteau Europa Group

Big data - Mobile Health: Revolution or evolution of health...


16 Oct ‘14

Electronic patient files, imaging diagnostics, electronic medical records, picture archiving and communications systems, home care, as well as self-diagnostics: The healthcare system has long since arrived in the...

Klaus Stoeckemann Peppermint Venture Partners

Finding Sustainable Value in a Changing Market

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13 Oct ‘14

For more than a decade, the medical technology (MedTech) sector has outperformed the overall capital market in terms of financial performance. It has generated a total shareholder return...

Colm Foley Boston Consulting Group

If medtech wants to start attaching things to my body outsi...


9 Oct ‘14

The practice of medicine is meant to keep people well or help them get well so they can live a full, productive life. Technology provides tools toward that...

Andrew Schorr Patient Power