Superbugs: How diagnostics can help doctors reduce over-prescription of antib...


18 Jun '14

A few years ago I was attending a conference on biologics manufacturing and the keynote speaker said their industry was lagging in implementing modern microbiological tools whereas the beer industry was way ahead. I was glad there were no clinical microbiologists in the room!

Rangarajan Sampath, PhD Ibis Biosciences, Abbott
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Moving in the right direction – a fit-for-purpose HTA for d...

Digital, Access

23 Jul ‘14

I just read the minutes of the joint meeting EDMA, Eucomed, COCIR and EUnetHTA had last May and it got me thinking: why try to put a square...

Serge Bernasconi MedTech Europe, EDMA & Eucomed

Superbugs and the role of diagnostics explained

Value, Global

16 Jul ‘14

The discussion over superbugs moved center stage earlier this month when British Prime Minister David Cameron launched a global review of the crisis. “If we fail to act,...

What a group of cyclists taught us about interoperability a...

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9 Jul ‘14

In September 2013 I went for a truly inspirational bike trip across 5 countries, covering over 2100 km from Brussels to Barcelona. Many of my fellow cyclists were...

Ian Hay Orange Healthcare

It’s not sexy but we really need to understand that a bag i...

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30 Jun ‘14

The terms “colostomy”, “ileostomy”, and “urostomy” are not well known terms to the general public outside of the patients who need these surgical procedures in order to survive...

Klaus Grunau Hollister

Should healthcare be quick fixes driven?

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25 Jun ‘14

Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, normally develop when an area of the body is under pressure for a relatively long time. I experienced pressure ulcers first hand...

Superbugs: Incentivising medtech to deliver solutions

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19 Jun ‘14

MedTech is transforming the world in which we live; we are healthier and more able than ever before. However, there are still a number of fundamental challenges that...