Big data - Mobile Health: Revolution or evolution of healthcare?


16 Oct '14

Electronic patient files, imaging diagnostics, electronic medical records, picture archiving and communications systems, home care, as well as self-diagnostics: The healthcare system has long since arrived in the Digital Age. The ever more intensive use of digital information will completely revolutionize the healthcare system as we know it. According to the PwC study, “Emerging m-health: Path for growth“, already half of all German patients are con­vinced that mobile health (m-health)...

Klaus Stoeckemann Peppermint Venture Partners
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Let's talk about the present and future of Continuing ...


20 Nov ‘14

You may have heard recently that the leadership of EDMA, Eucomed and MedTech Europe made some very important recommendations to their memberships about how to improve the EDMA...

Serge Bernasconi MedTech Europe, EDMA & Eucomed

How can we approach this era of superbugs and healthcare-as...


18 Nov ‘14

Today is European Antibiotic Awareness Day. Tackling the era of superbugs should be a team sport. Physicians, companies, foundations and the MedTech industry all want to play their...

Editorial Board MedTech Views

Diabetes. Learning all sides of the story.

Value, Digital

14 Nov ‘14

Today is World Diabetes Day. From diagnosis to treatment, check out what’s to know about diabetes and the contributions of medtech in understanding patients and their needs.

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Working together and bringing E-learning to Laboratories in...


12 Nov ‘14

According to UNAIDS, there were 24.7 million people living with HIV, 1.1 million deaths due to AIDS-related causes, and an estimated 1.5 million new HIV infections in sub-Saharan...

Michael Reitermann Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

Europe’s wound care gap: are member states actually paying ...

Value, Access

6 Nov ‘14

When the European Commission published its secondary report on patient safety, it made me wonder why advanced wound care is not higher on the patient safety agenda at...

Paul Trueman Smith & Nephew

Should policymakers care about dialysis? Yes.


4 Nov ‘14

Throughout the EU, Member States are looking for ways to provide patient-centred care to maximize clinical outcomes and improve cost-effectiveness for healthcare systems. For many countries, this means...

Peter Rutherford Baxter-Gambro Renal